17 April 2010

Healthy Life: A Fun Recipes for Kids

We know food is important things for our kids. Food give us energy for activities. In growth age, food contribute a big influence for children's growth. Carbohydrat, protein and fat are basic substance that must be accepted by the body's balance of our children. Sometimes our children are accustomed to eating unhealthy foods which out of control from parents.

Prohibit children's enjoyment of food they consume, without teaching the good food is consumed for health is not very smart way. Many ways to teach our children to be able to pick and choose healthy foods.

Some ways to teach our children to get used to eating a healthy diet is as follows:

  1. Take them shopping together to buy healthy foods at the market. They were asked to select their favorite food and parents give advice, which foods should be consumed and which should not be consumed.

  2. Explaining to children the nutrient content in foods and their benefits for health and their growth period.

  3. Involve the children to cook together once a week. Cooking together is a good way to teach our children how to select, manage and provide healthy food for the family.

  4. Providing a fun recipes for kids in every weekend. Various recipes provided by parents is to determine the involvement of children in the cooking together and understanding health food. Many recipe options can stimulate the child to decide which foods they would like. Let them give final touches to the food they cook is a great idea, and do not forget to teach children to find fun recipes without sacrificing the principle of health. a fun recipes for kids can be found in many places, internet is a wide and unlimited information to take it. It is better if the parents provide a weekly schedule in a month, where food will be cooked in the first week, second week, third week and fourth week.

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